It’s here! IVF Day One…

It’s here! Today is officially our first day of our first IVF cycle. I can’t believe it.

I’m overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, but mostly excited! When I woke up this morning I had butterflies knowing it was the start of this process we have long waited for, and because I knew for the first time ever I’d be giving myself a shot. Logan, being the gentleman he is offered to do it for me but that made me cringe even more. Thanks anyway, babe!

IVF Meds Cycle Start 4/15/15

I received all my meds shipped to me yesterday and when I opened the box I thought they had shipped me the entire pharmacy,  I almost wanted to call them and tell them they surely made a mistake. As I pulled each item out of the box I thought it was never ending. I realized I couldn’t look at everything in front of me and let it consume my emotions. I decided I just had to keep my eye focused on the end. It’s scary when you see all these medicines, injections, pills, sharps container, different sized needles, like um hello, am I actually supposed to stick that thing IN my body? And my initial reaction is to think, hah no nice try. Instantaneously, I am reminded this is our journey and a mere stepping stone to hopefully, God willing, become parents and it will be well worth any amount of pain or discomfort.

First shot! 4/15/15

As I anticipated my shot this morning I wanted to put it off, but I knew I couldn’t because my instructions tell me very clearly that I am to do my Lupron shot in the morning around the same time everyday. So at 7:30 I got everything ready. Lupron, check; syringe, check; needle, check; alcohol swab, check. I must have read the instructions 5 times to make sure I wouldn’t mess a single thing up. The last thing I want to do is mess something up enough to have to bump us to the next cycle, so of course, I’m overthinking just about everything you can imagine. After measuring, and remeasuring about 3 more times I finally decided to go for it. I swabbed my abdomen and went to stick the needle in and at the last second hesitated, hello take it from me, don’t do that just go for it. So I pricked myself but not hard enough so I had to do it again and this time I went all the way in and thought, yay, I did it! Once the medicine went in it stung for about 15 minutes. It bled a little but that was it! First shot = success! Only about 40 more or so to go…

So now I have a little confidence that I can manage these for now. It’s the big ugly long needles that I’m dreading, but we will overcome that when we get to it! I don’t enjoy giving myself shots, but I’m also not too excited at the thought of Logan having to give me those shots. I’m sure we will develop a system that works, and in the end my needle phobia will be conquered…maybe.

I should clarify that we are fortunate enough to be able to do a Mini or Micro IVF cycle. This is the same process but with fewer injections and meds. Because I’m healthy, young, and produce enough eggs on my own I don’t need as many meds to stimulate my ovaries. This saved us some money due to the fact we had to purchase less medicine than the regular IVF cycle. Also, every woman’s body is different so therefore it is hard to compare because not every woman is going to be put on the exact same meds, and dosage. Comparing IVF cycles can get confusing and tricky.

The first thought most people have when we mention we  have to do IVF is that we can’t get pregnant on our own. Our situation is different in the fact I can get pregnant and have been pregnant 3 times, but we have been diagnosed with  RPL, or Recurrent Pregnancy Loss due to an autoimmune issue of my natural killer cells present in the uterus. They go hyperactive when a pregnancy is detected and rather than recognize the embryo, they attack it as a foreign body which is why we have never been able to have a successful pregnancy (all women have NK cells in their uterus, but usually these cells recognize the embryo and don’t attack it unlike someone with +HyperNK cells).

We have to do IVF, coupled with Intralipid infusions which will counteract these NK cells to “settle down” and allow for proper implantation of the embryo. I will have my first infusion about 10 days prior to transfer. If I get pregnant my second infusion will be when a positive test is confirmed, and a third infusion 10 days after that. This infusion will hopefully help my body to sustain the pregnancy and safely get me out of the first trimester. IVF is needed so that the timing of the infusion and implantation gives us the best chance for success.

I am excited to document our IVF journey and help share with others who are walking the same journey, or to help others learn about the process from first hand experience. I also hope that other women would learn about Hyperactive NK Cells and possibly get tested. I had no clue what it was until I found my amazing doctor and he ran some tests. Had we not found him I could possibly still have no answers. Thankfully we have been blessed to find a treatment that has a high success rate.

I am definitely not a doctor, nurse, or medical professional by any means. We are simply two people who desperately want that baby we have prayed for, for over 3 years.  Welcome to our journey!

Day 2 starts tomorrow…(well technically its already started which means its bed time!)

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