Baseline u/s & E2 #1!

Baseline ultrasound and estrogen level check is officially in the books!

Yesterday was the first appointment since starting meds. I was looking forward to it because every appointment means we are one step closer to the end. The ultrasound was to check and make sure there were no cysts forming on my ovaries so that we can move forward with more meds. I was relieved to hear that my ovaries are clear and I have been given the go ahead to add the follistim shot on Monday the 27th! I was a bit apprehensive going into this appointment because I have a history of cysts on my left ovary, but I took a sigh of relief when he said everything looks good!

I’m actually excited to start the follistim because this is the med that will start stimulating my ovaries to produce follicles. Follicles are fluid filled sacs on the ovaries where the eggs develop. The follistim is going to make my body do what it would normally do during this point in any normal cycle, except the goal is to increase the chance of making as many follicles as possible. It’s not so much the quantity of follicles and eggs retrieved as it is the quality, so I’m just praying that regardless of how many eggs we get, they would be mature enough to get fertilized and become a strong healthy baby that my body WILL grow!

I’ve been having some hot flashes and headaches thanks to my new friend, Lupron. I’ve been on it 10 days now and for the first week or so I was feeling great, but now I’m slowing down and feeling the side effects. I’m having daily headaches and can’t seem to find much relief with anything. I also feel like I’m in a constant brain fog, and like I could sleep all day. Could be everything else going on in my life, but the Lupron is certainly not helping! I am also on my period, which I’m praying is the last one I have for quite a while! I have endometriosis and I am always in so much pain during my period. My endo makes it hard to sit, stand, walk, and get around when I’m on my period. Endometriosis is often suppressed during pregnancy, so I can’t wait for that!

My Mom and Dad made a trip up to see us this week and it meant the world to me. I know it wasn’t easy for my Dad to get here and it took a lot out of him, but my heart was so happy that they were here. They left yesterday to go home and although I’ll see him soon it was still hard to see them go. We went to the Dallas Arboretum and he absolutely loved it. He was too weak to walk so I pushed him around in his wheelchair. We all had such a great time, it was supposed to storm but the weather held out while we were there (thank you God!!). Memories I will cherish forever.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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