26! That’s how many eggs were retrieved today! I knew to expect a lot from what doc said about my follicles, but I didn’t think we would get that many. Five are too immature to fertilize and one was dead so that still leaves us with 20 mature to fertilize! We will get a call tomorrow with the report.

I’ve been more uncomfortable today than I thought I would be. My endometriosis is really bad right now so when I woke up this morning I was hurting petty good. We got to the clinic around 8:30 and I got my IV in around 9:15 but the retrieval didn’t happen until about 10:15. It went smoothly, I really wasn’t nervous at all I was more excited to just get it over with and the fact that we’ve made it this far. When I woke up I was in quite a lot of pain so the anesthesiologist gave me something for the cramps. He said I was in more pain than the average but that was probably due to my endo being so bad. That medicine worked wonders. It didn’t take away the fullness, bloating, and overall discomfort but it sure dulled the pain!

Once I was ready the nurse handed us our new calendar which tells us our embryo transfer will be on Tuesday 5/12 at 1:00pm!! So excited! But she told us to look out for hyper stimulation. My ovaries produced a lot of follicles, my estrogen was high, and I’m already uncomfortable so I have to watch all the signs of hyper stimulation. I’m praying hard that it doesn’t happen because then transfer would be cancelled. I would be devastated. I’m sticking to the Gatorade and high protein diet to prevent it. It’s not necessarily proven science but I’ll try anything!!

I got home and was so happy to have my heating pad and just pass out in bed. I slept most of the afternoon, and I’m starting to feel better but walking is still uncomfortable because my uterus feels so full and heavy. I’m just taking it easy and anxiously awaiting to hear how many of our little eggies fertilize! Come on babies you can do it!

The hubs just gave me my first progesterone shot, similar to the HCG trigger. I’m having a hard time accepting that I have to do one of those bad boys every day for the next couple weeks. Can you tell I don’t like needles? These shots make me SO sore!

I’ll update tomorrow!

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