Just ONE!

Today I am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant!

Tomorrow is our second ultrasound and we are so excited. Our first ultrasound on 6/2 showed ONE healthy baby with a flickering heartbeat! The doctor didn’t give us the chance to hear the heartbeat, but he showed us that it was flickering and beating. I was so excited to see that, it’s amazing how babies are created! Even though I believe in life at conception, it is incredible that something so small has a heart that is beating most of the time before some women even know they’re pregnant yet. We were quite shocked to learn there was only one little one in there! I think we had mentally prepared ourselves for having two considering we transferred 2 embryos. Preparing for two was my way of not being overwhelmed or shocked with multiples, but instead I was shocked with just ONE! Funny how God works.

During the ultrasound the doc told me my ovaries are back to normal and no more fluid in my abdomen, yay, no more OHSS! I was so terrified it would return with a full on vengeance if I got pregnant, but it didn’t! Before the doc even pointed out the heart beat I could see it and I said “it’s flickering!” I knew what I was seeing and I was so happy. We were told we wouldn’t see a heart beat at that ultrasound because I was only 5+4, but we did and the doc said “we usually don’t see that much this early” so that of course brought me such a sigh of relief!

I have to admit when he said there was just one I was all sorts of emotions at once. Part of me was relieved because I know it means it will likely be a healthier, safer, pregnancy for both me and baby. I thought of the fact one baby is always easier than two! I without hesitation thanked God for seeing one healthy baby in my belly. I also felt partially sad. I was sad that we had transferred two and only one stuck. I instantly wondered why did one make it and the other didn’t when both embryos were of such high quality? And of course, my thought process turned into….if one didn’t make it for some reason does that mean this one won’t either? I had to stop myself from thinking like this. We saw a beating heart and I’m going to trust Him with this pregnancy!

Since last week it has grown on me that there is just one baby in there and I am so over the moon thankful.  I am SO excited for tomorrows ultrasound and to hear the heart beat. I think I’ll probably cry, in fact, I know I will! Tomorrow is also my last intralipid infusion and I’m pretty happy about that. It doesn’t hurt (other than the IV) and there’s no side effects, but I’ll just be glad to be done with it. This last one is supposed to last me the rest of the first trimester which is just about 5 more weeks! I’m still on progesterone injections which I am sooooo sick of. When I got myself into this IVF thing I thought the progesterone injection was for about 2 weeks… wrongggggg. Once we found out we were pregnant it continues until a heartbeat, and I will do anything to sustain this pregnancy, but believe me I will be rejoicing when I don’t have to have a large needle of that thick stuff poked in my hip every.single.day! So far it’s been over 4 weeks. My hips are itchy, lumpy, bruised, and sore.

So far I’ve had a lot of fatigue. Today I sat down to eat lunch before I ran some errands and then I thought, well maybe I’ll just lay down for a second….about half an hour later someone called and it woke me up. Grrrr. I could’ve slept for hours it felt like. Most days it hits me mid afternoon, but some days it hangs around all day. I’ve also had bad headaches just about everyday. Since about 5 and a half weeks I have been getting some mild nausea. I’m so thankful it isn’t constant all day horrible nausea and I’m praying that doesn’t happen. Food just doesn’t sound good, unless I’m craving it. I have to be craving it to really want it. One thing I’m craving one day might make me want to gag the next! I’ve been craving some pretty weird things like Burger King Whoppers (which I’m not typically that crazy about), the other night it was Taco Bell bean burrito, and constantly… pickles. In the beginning it was anything and everything sour or salty. Since the food aversions have kicked in not everything sounds good anymore but I’m definitely not craving anything sweet. This might be the first time in my life I don’t have a sweet tooth!

Tomorrow after our ultrasound I’m headed down to Houston to be with my Mom and Dad. My Dad hasn’t been doing good and each day it seems he’s comprehending less and less. I’m just going to be with them this week and hopefully give my mom the chance to get out and get things done she needs to do while being there to spend time with my Dad and help out. I’m looking forward to spending time with them and I’m praying God blesses him with a good week. In January doctors gave him 2-4 months, and here we are in June, it’s been 5 months. God is the only one who knows our last day on this earth. My Dad is amazing. He’s the strongest, most determined, positive person I’ve ever known. With all our IVF stuff and finding out we are pregnant I have been focused on being stress free and mostly just in a protected happy bubble from such joyful news. I’m expecting this week to be difficult emotionally, so prayers would be appreciated! It’s always hard each time I see my dad physically and mentally declining a little more. I’m thankful for the time I’ll have alone with him and hoping God gives him some much needed clarity and strength.

I will post a picture of our little peanut tomorrow! Can’t wait to see him/her. I’m looking forward to the reassurance and peace of mind hearing that little beating heart will give to me 🙂

5 thoughts on “Just ONE!

  1. Congratulations on your little peanut! You are a week further along than I am so it’s exciting to follow your journey. I know exactly what you mean about worrying re sticking – I only have one and I’m worried that he won’t stick. It’s great you managed to hear the heartbeat! How exciting!

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