The Teeniest, Tinniest, Mightiest Heartbeat I Ever Did Hear…

Well today was our second u/s at 6 weeks 5 days and I am so elated to update that the heartbeat is nice and strong at 120bpm! I of course got teary eyed as I listened to the sound of my child’s heart beating for the first time. I wish the moment could’ve lasted 10 times as long, but the hubby caught it on video so I have that to watch as much as I want. Everything is on track and baby is measuring exactly 6 weeks 5 days! Im a proud mama already 🙂 

There’s our little bug! 

We are also released from the care of our RE and now I am a “normal” pregnant OB patient! I already have an appointment with my OB next week. 

I was cleared to stop the progesterone injections. Seriously, I am so happy about that. My hips are going to sleep happy tonight. 

Just a short update for tonight. I’m exhausted. It’s been a long day of driving and visiting with my mom and dad. I can’t even believe I’m still functioning without a nap today. 

As I lay my head down on my pillow tonight I will be praising God for the precious life He has blessed us with. It’s a miracle. This is the first heart beat we have heard in 4 pregnancies, and such a joyful sound it was. I think I’ll keep replaying the video of the u/s to lull me off to sleep….goodnight! 


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