RIP gluten.

Well today is day two of the oh-so lovely cleanse I decided would be a wise decision.

I’m convinced it will be worth it in the end, but as of today, (day 2) gimme all the cheeseburgers, tacos, chips, cookies, tea…A-NY-THING.

Day one I was all in, full steam ahead. Excited about the “cleansing” that would transpire in the next 21 days. But today is ONLY day 2 and I’m not feeling so hot.

Let me start from a few weeks ago. I’ve been feeling extremely fatigued, low energy, headaches, stiff joints and muscles, a fogginess I can’t shake. I have hypothyroidism. For any of you who are familiar with this then you too, understand the mentioned symptoms. I went to my Endocrinologist actually  hoping for lab results to come back ‘out of range’. I figured, at least this would explain my crumminess and a simple tweak in dosage would get me back to feeling brand new. Sadly, yet thankfully, my labs came back within range and all was normal from a medical standpoint. My doctor tried me on a new dose as well as another med hoping that would help, but to my surprise I felt much worse. So, back to the drawing board. I got back on my normal dosage and after some research, and advice from my doctor I decided to try a gluten free diet. Gasp.

Yes, I said Gluten Free. If yall know me, you know how much I like, no LOVE, bread. So much so that my family grew up calling me bread queen, and I wear that name proudly. For all you GF people out there, I’ve always felt so sad that you have to miss out on so much. So many of my GF friends tell me “It’s not so bad” and have shared plenty of their favorite recipes. So far those recipes have turned out to be gross. Yes, honest opinion here. I wish I could say they were wonderful but it is not so. Not yet, anyway. It could be my own errors but still, it’s not the same. I’m sorry, but there is something magical about gluten and what it does to bread and all the other lovely foods it is in.

Okay, so getting to the point. A friend suggested I also do a cleanse which I thought was a great idea. I’ve never been health conscious and until I had James, I never gave it much thought until I became responsible for filling his belly and now I’m more aware of all the processed foods we eat, which I’m kinda not okay with. They’re convenient, quick, and a lot of the time in things we don’t even realize. I thought the cleanse would be great to get my body rid of all the crap it’s been holding on to and if I drop a few pounds along the way, I’m okay with that too. Like, really okay with that. My wonderful hubby agreed to participate with me, aren’t I lucky? I know.

I won’t go into details of the Standard Process cleanse, but if you’re interested you can check it out here. I bought everything for our cleanse at a local compound pharmacy.

Day One

I had my morning shake, and 7 capsules of the “standard process cleanse” and 3 pills of the “gastro fiber”. I added frozen fruit, flax meal, protein powder, and water to my shake. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t a hot stack of syrupy pancakes either.

For lunch I made beet salad, and for dinner we had roasted root veggies. Both were tasty (eye roll) but I was missing the meat, and looking forward to day 11 when we can add meat, and fish to our meals.

I finished the day with an awful headache. Many thanks to the caffeine withdrawal. I was well aware of the start date of the cleanse and had plenty of time to “wean” myself of coffee, but I didn’t. I love coffee and I wanted it up until the very last day I was allowed to have it. My fault, thanks, well aware. The fatigue hit me around 4pm and I was exhausted.

Day Two

I woke up feeling more refreshed than I usually do but shortly after getting out of bed I still had a lingering headache. From what I’ve read its common to feel achey, fatigued, and such due to your body going through the cleansing process. After my research, I’m hoping we will also start feeling more energetic around day 4. Today I hardly want to do anything other than lounge on the couch which is just a dream when you have a wild one year old who decides the farthest thing from his mind is a nap. I’ve noticed I’m peeing a lot more which isn’t surprising considering the amount of water I’ve been drinking.

This cleanse is gluten free and the first 10 days are vegetarian. TOTALLY out of my element here. I’m thankful my hubby is along for the ride, willingly, I might add. I’ll admit, today it’s taken everything in me not to cheat, BUT I’m going to stick with it. I think the benefits will make me feel better, despite the fact I would much rather continue eating whatever I want. I’m really interested to see if I can get to feeling more energetic, rested, less headaches, clearer mind, less bloating and stomach discomfort. I’m also hoping some of this “clean” cooking will stick with me into meals long after the cleanse. Although, I’ll be oh so thankful when I can have a big ol’ fat bacon cheeseburger. Mm’hmm.

I found some really yummy looking recipes on pinterest this afternoon and I happen to have all the ingredients, so I think I will try to tackle one for dinner and I’ll share with yall tomorrow!

I’m going to go enjoy my super delicious afternoon shake and pretend it’s a monstrous piece of chocolate cake.



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