Getting clean

Today is officially day 5 of my cleanse.

As much as I miss junk food and the convenience of eating things on the go, I am enjoying the benefits of eating clean. My least favorite part has been prepping lunch and dinner daily. We had sunk into the habit of going out a few times a week, but this week I have prepped and prepared each meal which has been a whole new ball game using fresh ingredients.

I almost feel embarrassed to say that using so many fresh ingredients has been a new experience, but it has been really eye opening. I didn’t realize how much food we consumed that is prepackaged, or full of preservatives.

I’ll be the first to admit. I haven’t done a ton of research into health, foods, or nutrition. I am only just beginning to take more interest in health and the fact we feel as good as what we put into our bodies. Since becoming a mom I find I am more aware of what it is I’m putting into my families bodies. I have done some research into gluten intolerance and the initial kick start to this cleanse was as an attempt to give a gluten free diet a try. This cleanse helps me to be more committed to sticking with it for at least 3 weeks. I have already noticed a few changes even though it has only been 5 days.

The first couple of days were HARD. If my hubby wasn’t doing it with me, it would’ve been so easy to give up. Like I said, this whole clean eating and cooking healthy with ONLY fresh ingredients is all new to me. I had to find new recipes and new ways of cooking fresh vegetables and using pretty much only vegetables for the first 10 days. No meat, no fish, no dairy, no eggs, NO caffeine :(. I do miss the meat but I actually haven’t missed dairy as much as I thought I would which is shocking considering I’m a total cheese lover. Every.single.morning I debate whether or not to make myself coffee. And every morning I’ve thought I would cave and make it but I haven’t! The first couple days I had a throbbing headache. The second day I was struggling to stick with it and at dinner time I was so hungry for “normal” food I just wanted to give up. I didn’t and I am so glad. Day 3 was much better. I woke up feeling clear, my feet hurt less when I got out of bed, I haven’t been bloated, and I haven’t had a headache at all. I also haven’t felt “yucky” like I often do after eating most days.

Day 3 I had a great amount of energy. I got so much done and once I put the little one to bed I still had more energy and kept cleaning the house. Say whaaaaaa. On day 4 I was a little bummed that I didn’t have quite as much energy. I seriously think my body is energetically bipolar. Is that even a thing? One day I have a good boost of energy, the next I feel like I can’t drag myself off the couch. Anyone else with me on that? Anything work for you? I’m still hoping getting rid of gluten will clear my body of how sluggish it has been.

The cleanse came with a variety of recipes but I quickly got bored of them and didn’t find them that exciting. I branched off and searched trusty Pinterest for some vegetarian/gluten free recipes and low and behold all the recipes that popped up. What would we do without Pinterest, am I right?  I’ve found quite a few that I’ve tweaked here and there to make sure we are sticking to our “cleanse” diet. These veggie fritters were delicious. I made a dijon curry dressing and tossed it with a salad with the fritters on top. Yum!

Dijon Curry Dressing

3 TBSP Vinegar
2 minced garlic cloves
1 1/2 tsp. dijon mustard (no sugar added)
1 tsp. honey
S&P to taste

It was so good! It’s definitely on my “make again” list. I even had the left over fritters for lunch today and lathered a dollop of tahini on top. I think they were even better today!

I also made this vegetarian lentil tortilla soup. YUM. I left out the cream which would’ve been so good, but since we are avoiding dairy we went without and it was still a hit. We topped it with avocado, tomatoes, lime, and a dash of cholula. Delish.


Isn’t it gorg?

Tonight I’m trying a cauliflower pizza crust. I’ve never made one before and I’m excited to try it. I’m still not quite sure what I’ll be putting on it since we can have veggies but no cheese. Pizza without cheese. Meh. I’ll figure out something and share it with you if it’s not a major fail.


I bought some nutritional yeast yesterday. No I know nothing about it. No I’m not sure what it is. No I don’t really even know what it is. But, I’ve heard of it and know that it has nutritional benefits, obviously as the name describes. I’m going to do some research on it and also give it a try. Honestly, it looks a little weird and sounds weirder. I’ll let ya know.

It’s time for my afternoon shake. Peace y’all.





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