Messy Hands

First of all I truly thought this little guy would enjoy getting messy with paint way more than he actually did. It wasn’t a complete fail, and I’d really call it quite a success considering he only tried to eat the paint a handful of times. For some weird reason he was more interested in the back of the canvas than painting the front of it. Toddlers are weird. He just kept picking it up looking under it and talking to himself like he was really saying something  meaningful.


My little love. He’s pretty cute.

This was a great activity for a rainy day when we didn’t even leave the house. Those days can be long, you mama’s know exactly what I mean. Between meals, snacks, and naps we can only do so much to pass the time and keep them entertained, am I right? It can get hard trying to fill that time until Daddy comes home or until your next activity. This is actually a great project to do before dinner. Just wipe the paint off with a washcloth (rag) and then straight to the bath after dinner. This bud only had so much patiences with me so we didn’t get all four done at one sitting.

Don’t be intimidated by the mess. Trust me, I’m a little OCD when it comes to messes but I was surprised at how quickly it all cleaned up. I used a non-toxic paint that I found at Hobby Lobby. Now, obviously since it’s non-toxic I’m not going to let him lick his fingers, but he might of had a taste on accident. I also bought 4 square blank canvases. I wasn’t looking for something that took a ton of prep so I just grabbed my masking tape and started making patterns on them. I just wanted him to be able to finger paint and make something semi decent to hang in his playroom that has his personal touch to it.


I made different patterns on each canvas and then for even easier clean up, I wrapped a small dinner plate in foil. This way, each time I changed out the paint color I just threw it in the trash and started again. Easy peasy.


I let him paint one color at a time on each canvas. Once they dried we did a second color. Here is the first two. I’m not claiming he’s picasso but…pretty fun for a one year old.


Nothing fancy, just a fun and simple kid friendly art project. My favorite part is that his precious little toddler hands made these so I can’t help but look at them and smile.

We have a room in our house that we call, “the awkward room” and next week we are having it painted and updated. I have made it into James’ play room and he loves it. It’s not a huge space but I’m so excited to watch my vision come alive. I plan on hanging the four of these on one of the walls.

We haven’t finished the fourth canvas just yet, but stay tuned for updates of “the awkward room” and you’ll be sure to see them hanging up.


I almost didn’t take his socks off…..

Happy painting!

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