Did you say baby?

Well, Hello there everyone.

Let me catch you up on my life in the last year since I entirely fell off the face of blog life.

In May of 2017 I unexpectedly found out I was PREGNANT! Huge shocker considering our history of infertility, pregnancy loss, and IVF. I say it was unexpected for many reasons. Not only were we not exactly “trying”, we were in fact wanting to avoid natural conception all together because of the frozen embryos we want to use. It was also unexpected after how many years it took me to fall pregnant the first time. Once I ever did conceive naturally I always miscarried in the first trimester. So, once I found out I was pregnant I was a little panicky thinking it would all too soon come to an end much like the others. I immediately called my reproductive endocrinologist and they had me come in right away for an intralipid infusion (same infusion I had when doing IVF with James so that my body wouldn’t reject the embryo). I had no idea if it would help my body not to reject it this time considering I hadn’t had an infusion before conceiving, but I was going to do anything to try and make that little surprise stick around. At my 10 week appointment with my OB (thrilled I had made it this far) we found out I was originally pregnant with identical twins, monoamniotic twins. Early on we lost one and although the baby was visible on the ultrasound, he reabsorbed back into my body, what they call vanishing twin syndrome. This news was all bittersweet. Finding out it was twins, but that we had lost one all at the same time was somewhat happy and sad all at once. I was thankful we hadn’t known it was twins from the very beginning because I felt like it made the loss easier to hear. My doctor explained momoamniotic twins is the most high risk pregnancy with multiples you can have and it would have been extremely dangerous and unlikely I would have carried to term, and that the chances of one or both not surviving is very high. Hearing all this news I was still devastated we lost one, but feeling blessed we had one healthy baby growing in there.

So, fast forward a year and we have a smiley ham of a baby boy, Harrison who is 4 months old! We welcomed him on January 24th, just 3 days before James 2nd birthday and my 29th birthday (we share a birthday). We started off pretty rough with colic and acid reflux. The reflux is still an issue, but it’s controlled now. The colic was pure hell, I’m sorry, no way to sugar coat it. I wish that on NO ONE, but here we are, we survived and now he is pure joy! He has some other health issues we are trying to figure out but that’s another story for another post.


I was so sick and so nauseous with Harrison that I pretty much completely avoided social media. I follow entirely too many “food” bloggers and that my friends was a bad combination.

In October of 2017 my little family moved from Dallas to Houston, while 6 months pregnant. You want to talk about STRESS? We moved into our new house just 3 weeks before Harrison joined our family.

Logan took a new job with a new company and we jumped at the opportunity to be closer to family, especially with number 2 coming along. It has been so great being so close to our families, having help, and just being able to see them more frequently is so much fun.

James has taken to the role of big brother like a champ. He is the sweetest most compassionate little 2 year old. He loves his brother “Harry”. I refuse to stick to this nickname because I prefer Harrison, but who can be mad when he says “I wuff you Hawy”. All the heart eyes.


Proud brother.


My little loves who made me a Mommy
Mother’s Day 2018

Becoming a mommy to two little ones has been anything but easy, but we’re now 4 months in and it is definitely never boring! It’s a busy job that NEVER ends, but I sure love being a mom to these two boys.

Stick around and I’ll be posting recipes, venting about motherhood, crazy kiddos, exercise, and much more!



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