Getting clean

Today is officially day 5 of my cleanse. As much as I miss junk food and the convenience of eating things on the go, I am enjoying the benefits of eating clean. My least favorite part has been prepping lunch and dinner daily. We had sunk into the habit of going out a few times [...]


I find myself falling deep into every moment with James the last few days. I am always so thankful for each moment with him, but it's easy to get caught up in the next moment or what needs to happen and cut those moments short. A friend of mine has a daughter James's age, about [...]

RIP gluten.

Well today is day two of the oh-so lovely cleanse I decided would be a wise decision. I'm convinced it will be worth it in the end, but as of today, (day 2) gimme all the cheeseburgers, tacos, chips, cookies, tea...A-NY-THING. Day one I was all in, full steam ahead. Excited about the "cleansing" that [...]

Mom-ing on a Monday

It's Monday. Monday means the hubby is back to work, another week begins and I'm alone with the tiny human. I'm pretty sure I never heard being a stay at home mom was "easy", and if anyone has ever said that then they have never been a stay at home mom. Clearly. I knew it would [...]

Worth the wait.

Having a baby after infertility, and miscarriage may make one assume that all the hurt has been healed. Wrong. We struggled with infertility for 2.5 years before getting pregnant. We were on cloud nine. Then shortly after the excitement and idea of finally being pregnant set in, we lost the baby. Bitterness, anger, sorrow, devastation, frustration, [...]

My Dad is my Superhero.

The other day as I was pumping, the TV remote was out of reach (all you nursing/pumping mamas know that feeling). I wasn't really paying attention to what was on, as I was also trying to entertain a fussy baby as I pumped, which isn't exactly easy. The TV was just on in the background and then [...]


Oh the little things I took for granted, such as the grocery store. That's right, the grocery store. You thought I was going to get all deep for a second there. I've never loved grocery shopping, but in the months following a newborn, the two times I have gone to the grocery store alone has [...]