Finding My Balance

Finding My Balance

Okay so I'm really excited about my newly found interest in health and fitness. The scary thing- I'm overwhelmed. Like, I feel like I have to learn everything right now. You could say the most I've ever worked out was my 3 years of drill team in high school, and that was because I [...]

Getting clean

Today is officially day 5 of my cleanse. As much as I miss junk food and the convenience of eating things on the go, I am enjoying the benefits of eating clean. My least favorite part has been prepping lunch and dinner daily. We had sunk into the habit of going out a few times [...]

RIP gluten.

Well today is day two of the oh-so lovely cleanse I decided would be a wise decision. I'm convinced it will be worth it in the end, but as of today, (day 2) gimme all the cheeseburgers, tacos, chips, cookies, tea...A-NY-THING. Day one I was all in, full steam ahead. Excited about the "cleansing" that [...]