Egg Retrieval!

Well yesterday morning was another ultrasound and E2 check, and I can happily say everything looked right on schedule and we were given the go ahead to trigger last night at 10:30! I had 4+ follicles at 18-19mm, the rest were all a bit smaller so since the 4 largest are 18-19 we are a [...]

Needles, needles, and more needles….

I had an appointment Friday morning (5/1) for an ultrasound and blood draw, and my first Intra Lipid infusion. I was a little anxious only because I hate getting IV's started. It never goes smoothly. I have tiny veins and I'm told they always "roll" so they are hard to poke. I always tell the [...]

Accepting IVF

When we decided to start a family I thought it would go pretty smoothly. I anticipated it would take some time and wasn't going to pressure myself since it can take an average, healthy couple up to a year. But a year came and went, then another year...and now it's been a little over 3 years, [...]

Baseline u/s & E2 #1!

Baseline ultrasound and estrogen level check is officially in the books! Yesterday was the first appointment since starting meds. I was looking forward to it because every appointment means we are one step closer to the end. The ultrasound was to check and make sure there were no cysts forming on my ovaries so that [...]

It’s here! IVF Day One…

It's here! Today is officially our first day of our first IVF cycle. I can't believe it. I'm overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, but mostly excited! When I woke up this morning I had butterflies knowing it was the start of this process we have long waited for, and because I knew for the first time ever [...]