No one told me.

No one told me the the hardest part of motherhood would be SLEEP. I mean come on, everyone knows that you will be sleep deprived with a child. I expected it, I knew it was coming, but you can NOT PREPARE. I don't mean that just being tired is the hardest part, the hardest part [...]

Did you say baby?

Well, Hello there everyone. Let me catch you up on my life in the last year since I entirely fell off the face of blog life. In May of 2017 I unexpectedly found out I was PREGNANT! Huge shocker considering our history of infertility, pregnancy loss, and IVF. I say it was unexpected for many [...]

Mom-ing on a Monday

It's Monday. Monday means the hubby is back to work, another week begins and I'm alone with the tiny human. I'm pretty sure I never heard being a stay at home mom was "easy", and if anyone has ever said that then they have never been a stay at home mom. Clearly. I knew it would [...]